Bat from birdy friut

Harmful upon contact



First Appearance:

Level 3


Birdy Fruit

Bats are enemies in the game Birdy Fruit.


Bats have a slightly oval shaped body with a head placed on the top, two wings at the back of the bat near the head, a circular stubby purple tail placed at the bottom, and two feet placed at the bottom of the bat near the front. The head of the bat is mostly purple save for the tan inside of its small rounded ears located at the top of the bat's head and its oval shaped nose with black slit-like nostrils that is a light tan. The bat has two eyes with only one being visble on one side and this eye is red with a pink pupil and located near the top of the bats head.

The bat's wings are purple and curved on one side with a sharp point near the top of the wing with the opposite being slanted with a small bump pointing downward where the bat's wing connects with its body. The bat's feet are cylinder and slanted with the majority of the feet being purple while the tips are tan. Lastly the bat has a small slightly oval shaped tan patch on its stomach placed near the front of the bat above the feet.

Game informationEdit

Bats first appear on level 3 and are always in the air. Bats will either fly horizontally or vertically back in forth and change direction when they hit a object. Bats are typically found in groups and often placed in the path of fruit or near other items. Bats will kill Toge upon contact.

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