Blue boxes
Box enemy

Ramming into the spaceship



First Appearance:

Bloom hill


Star Bunny

Blue boxes are enemies ion the game Star Bunny.


Blue boxes are rectangular with a rectangular purple object placed on top of their heads and on either side of them. In the middle of a blue box is a single yellow eye with a pink strip below it. The rest of the blue box is dark blue.

Game informationEdit

Blue boxes first appear in bloom hill. Blue boxes come from the top of the screen and will move from left to right. Blue boxes commonly appear in groups and will move in a group.

Often blue boxes will move left and right and then move downwards and little and then continue once they come near the sides of the screen. Often blue boxes are grouped together will small squids. If left alone, blue boxes will come near the ship and ram into it. Blue boxes have low health and can be taken out with a couple of hits from a gun.

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