Bomb and secondary bomb varaiants
All colour variations of bombs with the main bombs (left) and secondary bombs (right)

Destroying meteors


Meteor Chain

Bombs are interactive objects in the game Meteor Chain.


Main bombsEdit

Main bombs are diamond shaped with a circular plate in the middle and a slightly curved triangular plated on either side of the circular plate. All plates on main bombs are white with the triangular plates having a grey rectangular mark in the middle and the circular plate having a red arrow one its left and right side pointing towards a circular button in the center of it. The rest of the bomb will either be red, green, or blue with the button on center of the circular plate being a matching colour.

Secondary bombsEdit

Secondary bombs are spherical with a shiny jelly-like texture and small grey square with curved edges placed in the middle of it. The grey square has a groove running down the middle of it dividing it into halves with a small red line on both halves placed in the middle pointing towards the center of the square. The rest of the bomb will either be blue, green, or red with a matching ring of a slightly dark shade surrounding the square piece.

Game informationEdit

Bombs comes in three different colours corresponding to the colours of basic meteors and are placed by the player's cursor. At the start of either game mode in Meteor Chain, the player's cursor will remain grey and unable to place bombs but when the player clicks on a basic meteor, the cursors colour will change to match the meteor and allow the player to place bombs by clicking on the screen. Once at least one bomb is placed, the player can detonate it and the bomb will explode destroying any basic meteorites that are the same colour as it and any other meteorites near it.

There are two different kinds of bombs: main bombs and secondary bombs. Main bombs are the bombs that the player first places and will cause bombs to detonate when clicked while secondary bombs are meteorites placed after the main bomb that will detonate only when they come in contact with a meteorite's explosion. Because of this, meteorites destroyed by main bombs become in themselves bombs to set off secondary bombs which in turn can cause a chain reaction if exploding meteorites are placed near secondary bombs; however, chain reactions will not occur if secondary bombs are placed diagonally across from a meteorites explosion. If a secondary bomb does not detonate, it will count as a miss.

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