Bone-thrower ghosts
Bone thorwer ghost

Throwing bones at the player


creating bones


1 hit


Ghost Host

Bone-thrower ghosts are enemies in the game Ghost Host.


Bone-thrower ghosts have a circular shaped head with a "tail" with a curved point extending from the bottom of its head making the ghost appear as if it is upside down. In the middle of the bone-thrower ghost's head is a single eye that is surrounded by a dark green outline and is white with a light greenish-turquoise pupil. On the top of the bone-thrower ghost's head appears to be a mouth that is open with the bone-thrower ghost's long red tongue extending out of it.

Game informationEdit

Bone-thrower ghosts are the third type of ghosts the player encounters and first appear in the first wave of ghosts. Bone-thrower ghosts move back and forth one a set platform and change direction once they reach the end of the platform. Bone-thrower ghosts throw bones into the air that pass through floors and harm the player upon contact. The bone the ghost throws are always aimed for the place the player was standing at the time it was thrown and, because of this, if the player is continually moving the chance of getting hit by the bone is lessened. Bone-thrower ghosts take one hit to destroy and grant a certain number of points upon death that is determined by the combo. Occasionally they drop items upon being killed.

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