Attacking enemies at short range



Cactoss are a interactive object in the game Apocalypseed.


Cactoss resemble a cactus and have a cylindrical body. They have two arms attached to either side of them with four small white spikes placed near the bottom of their hands. On top of their head is a red flower with a yellow center. A short distance beneath the flower is the cactoss's two eyes that are circular and black. Lastly the cactoss's body, arms, and face, are divided into sections that are lighter and darker shades of green.

Game informationEdit

Cactoss appear in the first level of Apocalypseed and are the first unit the player can create. Cactoss act at short range with a club which can be useful for attacking ground enemies. Cactoss, like most units, will attack enemies on sight and may even wander up to no violent character and attack them. Cactoss can be upgraded to raise their attack from four to six or be evolved into cacthrow. With invasion points the player can make all cactosses move faster, no longer need to create a cactoss to get a cacthrow, and also reduce the human meat need to create a cactoss from thirty to twenty. Cactoss have thirty health points


  • Cactoss are based of a cactus which is evident by 'cac' in their name and that they resemble a cactus .

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