Defender side mcdDefender MCLP
A defender from Monster Castle Defense (left) and Monster Castle: Level Pack (right)



Strong defenses


Medium due to their high defense


13 bones


Monster Castle Defense and Monster Castle: Level Pack

Defenders are enemies in the games Monster Castle Defense and Monster Castle: Level Pack.


Defenders have a human like shape and hold a dark green shield in one hand. On top of the defenders head is a helmet the same colour as the shield that has a single spike protruding from the top of it. The helmet has a square gap from which the defender sees through and also the back of the helmet has a small piece that extends downward and ends a short distance below the defenders shoulders. The defender wears a yellow shirt with grey sleeves and dark grey pants. In Monster Castle Defense defenders have a red outline, as opposed to the semitransparent outline in Monster Castle: Level Pack, and are a slightly darker shade than the ones from the Level Pack version.

Game informationEdit

Defenders typically first appear after the player has gone through a few waves of soldiers or of soldiers and runners. Defenders move at a regular pace with their special ability being their high defense which gives them higher health than normal enemies such as runners or mages. Upon defeat, defenders will give the player thirteen bones. Defender are in some senses a powered down version of a titan.


Considering a defenders high health, the player can either chose to attack them with multiple enemies or an enemy with high attack. Another strategy the player can use is to either use a slime to slow a defender down and attack them with a short ranged enemy placed near the slime or use a demon and place a long range enemy behind it. Another strategy the player could use is to level up a bony to its second form to allow it to attack behind it, place a slime in front of the bony, and a demon behind it which will allow the bony to have double the amount of attack time.

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