Demon Queen
Demon queen Demon queen defense
The demon queen from Monster Castle Defense (right) and the level pack version (left)









Monster Castle

The demon queen is a main character in the game Monster Castle Defense and Monster Castle: Level Pack.


Monster Castle: Level PackEdit

The demon queen is short and has pink skin. She has short orange hair and upon her head is a golden crown. A grey curved spike-like object is placed on in the middle of her head above her dark purple eyes. The demon queen has a pink mouth and is dressed in a purple robe with a large white puffed collar.

Monster Castle DefenseEdit

The demon queen has pale pink skin and purple eyes. Her hair is a pale orange and on top of her head is a golden crown. Placed on the demon queen's forehead between her eyes is a short grey spike-like object the curls upward. The demon queen has a long floor length dress with a puffed collar that is pale pink.

Game informationEdit

Monster Castle DefenseEdit

The demon queen has a less prominent role in Monster Castle Defense than in the Level Pack Version. She is unnamed and first appears in easy mode of the first castle. She is placed at the top floor of each castle and will eat enemies that reach her. She can only eat up to four enemies otherwise the fifth will kill her. The amount of enemies the demon queen can eat are shown by the flags above her castle. Once a enemy is eaten one of the four flags will disappear.

Monster Castle: Level PackEdit

The demon queen is first mentioned in the introduction of Monster Castle: Level Pack in which she is claimed to be the most beautiful woman in the world. She later appears in the introduction, introducing the player to the basics of the game, and all levels after that.

The demon queen is able to preform magic spells by clicking on her and selecting one of her three spells. The demon queen can also attack enemies by eating them once they come close to her. However, the demon queen can only eat four enemies otherwise she will explode. The cloth ornaments that are placed near the demon queen will keep count of how many enemies the demon queen can eat (which is indicated by hearts).


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