Fireball ghosts
Fireball ghost

ramming into the player


Hovering in the air and moving between floors


1 hit




Ghost Host

Fireball ghosts are enemies in the game Ghost Host.


Fireball ghosts look like a human skull engulfed in a large flame. The skull itself is a pale grey with a black outline and small beady red eyes staring out from the eye holes. The flame is white around the skull a light greenish-turquoise around the white part, and a darker shade of greenish-turquoise farther back.

Game informationEdit

Fireball ghosts are the fourth ghost the player encounters and first appear in the second wave of ghosts. Fireball ghosts move in a zigzag pattern between floor and harm the player upon contact. Because of their constant moving between floors they are difficult to hit and are also somewhat difficult to avoid. They take one hit to kill and the points they grant varies depending on the combo the player has achieved. They occasionally drop items upon being defeated.

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