Attacks Causing barrels to fall, jumping onto the player, and throwing knives
Abilities Jumping through floors
Health 12 hits to the heart
Points around 860 if the player has no combo
Game Ghost Host

Greedy is a boss in the game Ghost Host.


Greedy has a small head, a large slightly muscular body, two arms curled into fists, a a single large peg for a leg. Greedy's peg leg is brown and cylinder cal with a flat tip. When Greedy is standing the peg leg is short but when the boss is jumping it is slightly taller and becomes more pointed. Tightened around Greedy's waist is a brown belt with a gold buckle with the skin below the belt being slightly ragged resembling the bottom of a shirt.

On top of Greedy's head is a dark blue pirates hat with a small white skull. Directly beneath the hat is Greedy's eyes that are white and square shaped with a black outline. The bottom half of Greedy's face resembles that of a skull. Lastly Greedy's skin is a light greenish-turquoise with a dark green outline surrounding Greedy's body.

Game informationEdit

Greedy appears after all ghosts are defeated in the third wave. Greedy will begin to jump from one platform to another get near the player. Every time Greedy jumps, a barrel will fall from the top of the screen onto the topmost platform. This barrel will begin rolling and harm the player upon contact. After hitting the side of a platform twice, the barrel will fall down a platform. Once the barrel reaches the bottom platform and goes back and forth, the barrel will then explode.

After a certain amount of time Greedy will jump onto one platform and begin throwing knives at the player. After all knives are thrown or Greedy is harmed while throwing knives, Greedy will jump to another platform. If Greedy's heart it hit, the boss will stand still and turn red or, if the boss is hurt while it is in the air, land on a platform and turn red. After Greedy's heart is hit twelve times, Greedy will be destroyed and grant around 860 points, if no combo is achieved, or more depending on the combo the player has.


The top and bottom platforms are good places to stand to avoid barrels. The bottom platform will only have barrels that have accumulated from the top and are general less then the amount of barrels on the upper floors. The top platform allows the player to actually jump over barrels however this require the player to be close enough and also barrels will fall from the ceiling onto either end so the player is best staying in the middle of the platform. To avoid Greedy's knives it is best if the player runs toward them when they are thrown and then back to avoid them which will cause the knives to fall behind the player.


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