Attacks Ramming into the player and causing spiked projectiles to fall from the ceiling
Abilities Moving between floors
Health 5 hits to its heart
Points Around 480 points without achieving a combo
Game Ghost Host

Grudge is a boss in the game Ghost Host.


Grudge has a slightly bean-shaped body from which extend its two arms in front of it and its stubby legs at the bottom of it. Grudge's skin is a turquoise-green with a dark green outline going around Grudge's body. On either arm Grudge has a single large circular grey ring placed where its hands meet its body. On Grudge's face are two white eyes that are slanted with circular bottoms and a dark green outline surrounding it. Lastly Grudge's mouth is open wide with skin above it shaped like teeth.

Game informationEdit

Grudge is the first boss in Ghost Host. Once the player has destroyed all ghosts in the first wave, Grudge will appear on the screen. Grudge will attempt to get onto the same floor as the player and will jump up and down. Once Grudge spots the player it will roll up into a ball and roll at a high speed towards the player. Both Grudge jumping up or down and colliding with a wall will caused spiked projectiles to fall from the ceiling; however, there will only be two falling when Grudge jumps up instead of the numerous projectiles that fall when Grudge collides with a wall. The only way to destroy Grudge is to cast the light of the flash light on its heart five times. Upon being destroyed, the player will gain around 480 points, if they have no combo, or more depending on the combo they have.


Since Grudge's projectiles fall from the ceiling, it is best if the player does not go on the top floor and likewise not on the bottom floor as this will limit the player's options on jumping. By keeping Grudge so that it is in between a top and a bottom floor, the player can keep pace with Grudge and prevent being sighted by Grudge by staying at least one step behind the boss (with the exception of the corners). This way if Grudge jumps down the player will be behind Grudge and therefore out of sight and able to jump up or down and also always be behind Grudge even if the boss changes directions.

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