Necktie ghosts
Necktie ghosts

Hitting the player


Falling through floors


1 hit


2 points (without any combo being achieved)


Ghost Host

Necktie ghosts are enemies in the game Ghost Host.


Necktie ghosts have a round head and a curved body with a tail on the end. The necktie ghost has two white oval shaped eyes surrounded by a thin black outline and a open mouth that is in the shape of a frown. Around necktie ghost's neck is a red necktie that spans the length of its body. The necktie ghost's skin is a light greenish-turquoise that is surrounded by a dark green outline.

Game informationEdit

Necktie ghosts first appear in wave three. Necktie ghosts will wander around on platforms till they spot the player or are above the area the player is. Either way the necktie ghost will disappear and then reappear at the top of the screen and fall downwards through floors and off the screen and reappear where it last was. If the player touches the necktie ghost while it is falling or on a platform, the player will lose health. By casting the rays of the flashlight on a necktie ghost, the ghost will be destroyed and grant two points, if the player doesn't have a combo, or more depending on the combo the player has.

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