First boss
Attacks Throwing pink spheres at the player
Abilities Hovering
Level Mission 1
Game Alien Squad

Octron is a boss in the game Alien Squad.


The octron is circular with transparent glass covering its head. The glass is shiny and trough it the octron's red brain can be seen. In the middle of the octron's "body" is a pale purplish-grey strip that goes around the octron. Yellow eyes with brown pupils cover the purple strip. The bottom of the octron is grey and several dark purple tentacles are attached to it.

Game informationEdit

Octron is the first boss in Alien Squad. It attacks the player by throwing pink spheres or shooting them with wall mounted lasers. At the start of the battle the octron will wander around freely and throw a single or about three pink spheres. After a certain amount of damage has been done to the octron, three poles will come out. The octron will now move around the area near the three poles and fire several pink spheres. Occasionally it will pause and laser will come out of the walls. Upon killing the octron, the ship will begin to self-destruct.



  • The octron appears to be based off redsquids as both hae similar appearances and fire lasers.

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