Pirate ghosts
Ciel phantomhive

Throwing swords at the pizza delivery man


Throwing projectiles


1 hit


3 without combo


Ghost Host

Pirate ghosts are enemies in the game Ghost Host.


Pirate ghosts have a round head, a cylindrical curved body, and small slightly curved tail. The ghost skin and body are a light greenish-turquoise with a dark green outline surrounding it. Over the ghost's left eye is a dark blue eye patch while the other eyes is white and oval shaped and partly covered by the white spotted red bandana that covers the ghosts head. Lastly the pirate ghosts mouth, that is directly below its eyes, is black and drawn so that it appears that the pirate ghost is smiling 'evily'.

Game informationEdit

Pirate ghosts appear in the third wave of ghosts and walk from one side of a platform to another. At random times, or when they see the pizza delivery man, they will hurl a knife from their mouths forward. This knife will continue spinning forward till it disappears off the screen and will harm the player upon contact. If the player casts the rays of their flashlight on a pirate ghost, it will disappear and grant the play three points, if no combo, or a varying number of points dpending on the combo the player has achieved. A easy way to avoid getting hit by a pirate ghost's knife is to come up from behind the pirate ghost and then direct the rays of the flash light toward them.

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