Pizza delivery man
The pizza delivery guy



Most likely human




Varies depending on the gifts received and attack damage




Ghost Host

The pizza delivery man is the main character in the game Ghost Host.


The pizza delivery man has brown slightly bushy hair, rectangular brown eyes, and yellowish-brown skin. He wears a red sweat shirt and dark blue pants and holds a light blue flash light in his right hand.

Game informationEdit

The pizza delivery man first appears in the introduction of Ghost Host. According to the introduction, the pizza delivery man hates his job and has possibly only been on his job for a week. The pizza delivery man is armed with a flashlight (called also a lamp by Fliptic when the player's flash light range is upgraded) that kills ghosts upon contact. By touching a ghost or a projectile fired from one, the pizza delivery man will lose health depending on the ghost and the strength of the weapon. After defeating a certain amount of ghosts so that a green bar that is visible when the player dies fills up, the pizza delivery man will gain a new ability, an objects capability will increase, a new object will appear, or a item will appear more frequently.

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