Mary Murphy

Spouting slime at the player


Putting black splotched on the screen


Around 360

First Appearance:

Mission 1


Alien Squad

Plasmas are enemies in the game Alien Squad.


Plasmas are a purplish pinkish glob with white teeth.

Game informationEdit

Plasmas first appear in Mission 1 and are first found in the engine room. Plasmas will move from one side of the screen to the other at a somewhat slow pace. If the main character comes near they will stop and spout green slime.

The slime the plasma spouts will hurt the player and cause a black splotch to cover the screen where the slime was spouted. This splotch will eventually disappears but it stay up for sometime. A way to get around the attack of the plasmas is to attack them from behind. Plasmas have around 360 points of health and give 15 EXP points upon being defeated.

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