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Attack Dragging the player toward them
Game Alien Squad

Poles are hazards in the game Alien Squad.


Poles are cylindrical with a small grey M placed on the top of it. The bottom of the pole is blue with a light placed in the middle of the blue section. If the light goes on it will cast green light but if it is off it will stay grey.

Above the blue section is a black and yellow striped line. The rest of the pole is grey except for a red line in the middle and a black and yellow striped line near the top.

Game informationEdit

Poles first appear in Mission 1 and are found in the engine room. Poles will turn on after a certain period of time and drag the player towards them. The pull of the poles can be fought if the player holds down one of the arrow keys to go away from the pole or the player can evade. After a certain amount of time the pole will turn off. Sometimes poles are placed in groups with on being always on while the other is off. After all enemies and pickups are collected, the pole will disappear.

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