Shooting lasers at the player


Moving quickly


Around 120

First Appearance:

Mission 1


Alien Squad

Redsquid are enemies in the game Alien Squad.


Redsquids have a circular "head" with a rectangular plate with rounded corners put on the front of it. The plate is a silverish-purple with two red dots, that resemble eyes, placed one over the other.

The rest of the "head" appears to be made of black glass with the alien's red "brain" being visible through the glass. Lastly beneath the alien is seven dark purple tentacles.

Game informationEdit

Redsquids first appear in mission 1 and only appear on the edges of the side of the screen. Redsquids attack the player with lasers that go across the screen and then go back and appear on another place on the screen. Because of their mobility and greenfleas often appearing along side them, redsquids can easily deplete the players health for green fleas will prevent the player from moving. Upon killing a redsquid the player will gain 10 EXP. Redsquids have around 120 health points.


  • The name redsquids is likely red and squids pushed together.

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