Runner Runner defense
A runner from Monster Castle Defense (right) and Monster Castle: Level Pack (left)

Running quickly



First Appearance:

Castle 1 easy mode (Monster Castle Defense), tutorial (Monster Castle: Level Pack)


Monster Castle Defense, Monster Castle: Level Pack

Runners are enemies in the games Monster Castle: Level Pack and Monster Castle Defense.


Monster Castle DefenseEdit

Runners wear a blue knight's helmet with a silver piece partly attached to the top of the helmet that becomes pointed at the end. The runner wears grey pants with blue boots and has no shirt on. Lastly the runners skin is a pale orange and a red outline goes around the runner.

Monster Castle: Level PackEdit

Runner from Monster Castle: Level Pack have the same features as the runners in Monster Castle Defense; however, their are some differences. The helmet, skin, and pants of the runner are lighter and also a semi-transparent outline goes are around the runner.

Game informationEdit

Runners are commonly found in the second or third waves of levels. They run at high speeds and have about the same health as a soldier. In both Monster Castle Defense and the Level Pack version, runners grant ten bones upon defeat. Often runners and soldiers appear in the same waves most likely due to their low health. A faster version of runners is hermes.


An easy way to slow down runners is to put either a demon or a slime in the path of a runner. Once slowed down it is best to put a sprout in the range of a demon (as a sprout has long range) or a short range enemy near a slime.

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