Soldier defenseSoldier
A soldier from Monster Castle: Level Pack (right) and Monster Castle Defense (left)




First Appearance:

Easy mode of Castle 1 (Monster Castle Defense), Tutorial (Monster Castle: Level Pack)


Monster Castle Defense, Monster Castle: Level Pack

Soldiers are enemies in the games Monster Castle Defense and Monster Castle: Level Pack.


Monster Castle: Level PackEdit

Soldiers wear a grey knight's helmet on top of their heads. The visor of the helmet is down and from the top of the helmet extends a red feather. Soldiers wear grey pants and appear to be shirtless. Lastly they have pinkish orange skin skin and a semi-transparent white outline goes around them.

Monster Castle DefenseEdit

Soldiers from Monster Castle Defense posses the same features as the ones in Monster Castle: Level Pack but there are some differences between them. The soldiers from Monster Castle Defense have a red outline as opposed to a white outline and they are slightly taller.

The helmet of the soldiers from Monster Castle Defense is a lighter shade of silver and also the feather is darker and not as long. Lastly their skin is a darker shade and appears more orange than the soldiers in Monster Castle: Level Pack.

Game informationEdit

Soldiers commonly appear in the first wave of both versions of Monster Castle. They posses no special ability and have low health. Upon being destroyed they will grant 10 bones. Sometimes soldiers will be put with stronger slower enemies as to take damage instead of the stronger enemies. Also, in Monster Castle Defense, soldiers may be sent in with kamikazes to confuse the player due to their similar colour.


Because of a soldiers low health they can be destroyed by two hits from a bony which can be taken advantage of if the player places two bonys next to each other. Also the player can place a bony and then a little father away a sprout to easily defeat soldiers as the sprout will keep firing projectiles weakening it enough for the bony to kill it.

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