None, harmful upon contact

First Appearance:

Level 4


Birdy Fruit

Spiders are enemies in the game Birdy Fruit.


Spiders have a round body, four legs one each side, and a small head. The legs and head of the spider are located at the bottom of its body with six of the legs being pushed around the spiders head and the other two reaching upward and placed at the spiders side. The spider's head is circular with two small red eyes and two white fangs coming out of its mouth. The spider is completely coloured a dark purplish grey except for a red mark the shape of a capital i and the white silk that comes out from the back of its abdomen.

Game informationEdit

Spider first appear in level four of Birdy Fruit. Spiders do not attack the player directly but are instead a stationary enemy that harms the player upon contact. Spiders are often placed in groups together or near fruit.

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