Rw spikes2
Spikes as how they're seen on the Boneyard.
Attack Dangerous to touch
Damage Stamina level reduction
Health 1 Blow (Bombs)
Game Running Warrior

Spikes are a hazard in the game Running Warrior.

General game informationEdit

Spikes appear through all the gameplay of Running Warrior. As the player advances, the spikes versions begin to vary, from plants to even metal.

Despite the spikes changing their appearance through the game, they are programmed to function the same way. If the player gets in direct contact with any kind of spikes, they will lose part of their stamina and the spikes will disappear. There are two ways of avoiding spikes.

The first way is to acquire a bomb, either from a treasure chest or directly from the Shop. This item will automatically get triggered as the player approaches to any type of spike, causing the present group of these hazards to be blown out of the way. This will clear the path.

The other way is to simply dodge the spikes by performing a jump upon being close to touching them.

Appearance variationsEdit

Wooden spikesEdit

Wooden spikes are found on the beginning part of Running Warrior, which is the first of four scenarios. They appear as several sticks of wood lying from de ground, short and brown coloured.


Thorns appear through the second scene of the game, the Forest. Apparently, they seem to be thin green vines with a few grey thorns dispersed on them.

Metal spikesEdit

Metal spikes appear as one bronze metal structure with three small spikes on it. They appear on the thirth scenario of Running Warrior, which is the Boneyard.

Single spikesEdit

Single spikes appear through the last scene of the game, the Castle. They are basically a blue small square-shaped base that holds one spike on it.


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