Spinning rockets
Rocket enemy

Shooting pointed objects at the spaceship


Recreating projectiles



First Appearance:

Bloom Hill


Star Bunny

Spinning rockets are enemies in the game Star Bunny.


Spinning rockets are cylindrical with a point protruding out of the front end. The point is shaped like a carrot and is purple with grooves dividing it into sections. The spinning rocket is divide into three sections with the back section being the same colour as the point, the middle being green, and the front section being yellow. Two bright pink objects that stick out of it at a angle are placed on the green section of the rocket with a small yellow object placed on either side of the point.

Game informationEdit

Spinning rockets first appear in bloom hill. Often spinning rockets will appear in groups of one, two, or three. Though not as common, sometimes spinning rockets will actually move instead of staying in one place.

Spinning rockets will fire a single pointed projectile at the spaceship after a certain amount of time has passed. This projectile will go straight down and it can be destroyed with a couple of hits. Spinning rockets have medium health and, next to the boss of bloom hill, are the strongest enemies in bloom hill.

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