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Star Bunny
Star bunny icon
Released May 20, 2012
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Game Type Main game
Genre Shooter
Websites Kongregate, Mochigames

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Special Finished one year before release

Star Bunny is a shooter game released on May 20, 2012. Despite being released in 2012, Star Bunny was actually completed in 2011[1] but was not released as the game had not found a sponsor[2]. The player controls a bunny who defends enemies from its spaceship.


  • Mouse - Fire gun
  • E - Reload gun
  • 1, 2, 3 - Switch gun (only if multiple guns are equipped)


Levels in Star Bunny are divided into four categories: defensive, task, weapon, and boss. All levels have enemies that the player must destroy to prevent their ship from getting damaged. However, in the case of task levels, destroying enemies is not necessarily the only way to complete a level. Levels are placed in groups of three, except for boss levels of which there is only one, and each level is set in a certain place with a distinct scenery. After the player defeats the boss of a area they will be able to go to the next area. All levels do not need to be completed in a area for the player to advance but a certain amount of levels are need to be completed to accesses the boss. At the start of a new area the player is given the option of selecting a level to play in either defensive, task, or weapon. Upon beating a level in either section the next level will be unlocked.

Defensive levelsEdit

Green troll face

The green troll face

Defensive levels are so named because the player fends off enemies from destroying the spaceship. Enemies come in waves where either all enemies in the wave need to be destroyed by the player's weapons or by crashing into the spaceship. After all waves are defeated and the spaceship has not been destroyed, the level will be complete. Defensive level sections are placed near the top of the screen and are indicated by a green troll-like face placed to the left.

Task levelsEdit

Task levels are different from all other levels as they are not always given the same task to complete a level. When the player clicks to play a task level, the task that is necessary to complete the level will be displayed. Often this tasks involves destroying a certain amount of enemies in a time limit, avoiding destroying the spaceship, getting a combo, or various other tasks. Upon completing a task the level will be complete. Task levels are indicated by a stop watch and appear in the middle of the screen.

Weapon levelsEdit

Weapon levels are optional to complete and require the player having a certain gun. If the player does not have the gun necessary to play the level, they can not continue. Weapon levels involve the player destroying a certain amount of enemies without reloading which make it possible to lose the level at the very start by reloading.

After a wave of enemies has been destroyed, the player will get ammo upon the start of the next wave. A special enemy, that is shaped like a gift box with wings, commonly appears in these types of levels. When destroyed the gift box enemy will give ammo but is optional to defeat. Despite being optional to defeat, if the enemy is destroyed after all other enemies are killed the level will instantly be completed or the next wave will start. Weapon levels are indicated by the icon of the basic gun and these levels are placed at the bottom of the screen.

Boss levelsEdit

Blue troll face

The blue troll face

Boss levels are playable after the player has completed a certain amount of levels. Boss levels involve the player defeating the boss that resides in the level. Upon defeating the boss, all other enemies will die and the level will be complete. Certain types of guns often help destroy the boss more easily. Boss levels are placed in the middle a little bit away from task levels. Boss levels are indicated by a dark blue troll-like face.


Bloom hillEdit

Main article: Bloom hill

Bloom hill is the first locations the player encounters and has the scenery of a purple forest and cloudy sky. The requirement to beat the task levels are to destroy twenty enemies (level 1), get a twenty-five hit combo (level 2), and destroy three waves of enemies before time run out (level 3). For the weapon levels the player has to destroy enemies with the basic gun (level 1), the rapid fire gun (level 2), and the buzzsaw gun (level 3).


Main article: Meteorica

Meteroica is the second location the player encounters and it has the scenery of a asteroid belt.


Main article: Vulcania

Valcania is the third location the player encounters and it has the scenery of a erupting volcano.

Zero zoneEdit

Main article: Zero Zone

Zero zone is the fourth location the player encounters and it has the scenery of a frozen arctic.

Dead cityEdit

Main article: Dead city

Dead city is the fifth area the player encounters. It has the scenery of a abandon city.


  • Spinning green creatures - A basic enemy that comes from the top of the screen in certain patterns. They have somewhat low health.
  • Spinning rockets - Come from the sides of the screen and will either stay in one place or move. After a certain amount of time they will shoot a pointed projectile. The pointed projectile can be destroyed and has low health. The spinning rocket itself has medium health.
  • Blue boxes - Come from the sides of the screen in groups. They make their way to the bottom of the screen by going from left to right. Their health is somewhat low.
  • Small rockets - Come down from the top of the screen usually in groups of three. They may sometimes move from left to right but will always head downward. They have somewhat low health. Guns that can hit multiple enemies are useful for destroying small rockets.
  • Small squids Move in the same pattern as blue boxes and have somewhat low health. The will fire a single bouncy projectile after sometime.
  • Large squids - Come from the sides of the screen and will almost always stay in one place. After a certain amount of time they will fire three bouncy projectiles at once. Their health is medium.
  • Totems - Come from the top of the screen and will move downwards and then stop and do so again. After reaching a certain part of the screen they will open their armor and allow the player to attack them. Every time they are shot they will move up a little. While their armor is closed they cannot be harmed but when it is open they have medium health.
  • Bomb droppers - Come from the top of the screen and move downwards. After sometime they will send out a bomb behind them. They have medium health.
  • Gift boxes - Give ammo upon defeat and appear only in weapon levels.


  • Bombs - Fall from the top of the screen or are dropped by bomb droppers. Upon being touched by the mouse cursor, the bomb will explode and deplete ammo from the player's active gun.
  • Canisters - Come from the sides of the screen, mostly the left and right side, or move in zigzag patterns. Upon being touched by the player's mouse cursor, the player will be unable to fire their gun for a certain amount of time. Only the active gun that touched the canister will be affected.


  • Basic gun - The default gun the player is given at the start of Star Bunny. The basic gun will fire a shot once the left mouse button is clicked. The only drawback to the basic gun is that it can only fire as fast as the player can click.
  • Rapid-fire gun - Sells for 10 star points. By clicking and holding the left mouse button it will release a stream of blue flashing bullets on its target. The only drawback to the rapid fire gun is that it is quite easy to run out of ammo. A way to fix this drawback is to upgrade the gun which will give it more ammo.
  • Multi-fire gun - Sells for 50 star points. By clicking the left mouse button it will fire four shots that will destroy any enemies that are a short distance away from where it was fired. Every time a shot is fired, the gun will temporarily stop the player from firing again. Because of this, a drawback to the multi-fire gun is that if the player does not aim carefully enough enemies will flood the screen.
  • Buzzsaw gun - Sells for 100 star points. By clicking the left mouse button the buzzsaw gun will shoots buzzsaws. These saws will harm any enemy that comes in contact with it and disappear after a certain period of time. The only drawbacks on the buzzsaw gun is that player has to wait for the buzzsaw to get in place before they can fire another and the player has to be careful in placing the buzzsaws.
  • Rocket gun - Sells for 150 star points. The rocket gun shoots rockets upon clicking the left mouse button. The rockets fired by the gun will keep going in the direction they are fired till they meet a object. The only drawback to the rocket gun is that the player has to wait a bit before they are able to fire another rocket.
  • Bomb gun - Sells for 250 star points. By firing the bomb gun it will shoot out round bombs that will stay in the air till they make contact with a enemy. After firing a bomb, the bomb gun will be delayed a bit before it can fire the next bomb.
  • Slime gun - Sells for 300 star points. By firing the slime gun it will shoot out a slime sphere of varying sizes. The sphere will begin to bounce around the level and harm any enemy it touches. The only drawbacks to the slime gun is that the player can not direct the slime sphere where to go but once they fire it, and the gun has a long reload time (even after fully upgraded).
  • Black hole gun - Sells for 500 star points. By firing the black hole gun it will fire out a black hole. This hole will drag enemies into them and damage them. The only drawbacks with the black hole gun is that the gun has a long reload time.
  • Flame thrower gun - Sells for 400 star points. By firing the flame thrower gun it will send out a wave of flames. The only drawbacks to the flame thrower gun is that the player may need to direct the flames and the gun has a long reload time.
  • Homing gun - Sells for 1000 star points. The homing gun will lock on to enemies by the player hovering their cursor over the enemy. By clicking to fire the homing gun, all locked on enemies will be destroyed. The only drawbacks to this gun is that the gun has a long reload time and only enemies the player has locked onto will be attacked.


  1. As at the bottom of the game it is dated 2011 which is always used for the year a game is completed
  2. On Fliptic's twitter they made a post about finding a sponsor and then would be released

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