Trophies are items that the player gains upon completing certain tasks in Ghost Host.

Game informationEdit

There are ten trophies in Ghosts which are viewable if the player goes to the menu screen and clicks the word "TROPHIES". Once the player has completed a certain task necessary to obtain a trophy, a sign will pop up and show the player the trophy they have obtained, the name, and description. All trophies are golden and display a enemy, boss, character, or interactive object standing upon a pedestal. Unusually two of the trophies have misspelled names with the trophy "Professional" being misspelled "Profesional" and the trophy "Deathproof" being misspelled "Deatproof" (though this error is not present on the sign the player sees when the obtain the trophy).

List of TrophiesEdit

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Name Trophy Description/Task
Lightbringer trophy
Beat 1000 Ghosts in Survival/ Defeat 1000 Ghosts in Campaign mode
Noob trophy
Reach a 100 combo/ Defeat enough ghosts to get a 100 combo
Grudge trophy
Beat the boss "Grudge"/ Defeat Grudge
Wicked trophy
Beat the boss "Wicked"/ Defeat Wicked
Greedy trophy
Beat the boss "Greedy"/ Defeat Greedy
Ghost Buster Beat 5 bosses in survival/ Defeat all bosses in Campaign mode
Fullhouse trophy
Have 30 ghosts haunting the mansion/ Have thirty ghosts present in Campaign mode
Professioanla trophy
Reach a 300 combo/ Defeat enough ghosts to get a 300 combo
Deathproof or deatproof
Don't take damage till you beat the boss "Grudge"/ Defeat Grudge with the player having not incurred any damage
Murderous Beat the boss "Murderous"/Defeat Murderous


  • The hovering ghost on the trophy Lightbringer is the same colours as golden souls however, the ghost in the trophy has a black outline instead of a brown one.

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